ICP-3-4-11ESpecializing in IEC Control Products
and Custom Control Panels

ICP is engaged in all facets of the electrical control industry, including distributing, consulting, system design, engineering, panel fabrication, programming, and on-site start-up operations.

Our experience covers a broad spectrum of industrial applications. Food processing, water/waste treatment, sawmills, HVAC, hazardous waste, fossil fuel and natural gas pumping, material handling, process/tower, compressors, fluid cooling, agricultural, and irrigation are just a few of the the special applications we can supply to your operation.

ICP is the answer to any of your industrial projects involving power.  ICP still believes the best way to do business is “The old fashioned way” — up front and honestly. Minimizing the potential of misunderstanding between the parties is not something we just strive for, it is an accomplished task. Let us help you with your next project, and not only will we build you a state of the art panel, but we will build a friendship based on trust.

Let us earn your repeat business.